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10 ” Zombie Glass Bong

Zombie branded Thick Glass Beaker Color Black , weight 481gm Ice catcher Included Flat Base for good stability

10″ Glass Bong

Shower Design Tube Colorful & Konikal bowl Color  sky blue, weight 378 Gm Thick Glass Beautiful Craftsmanship Signature Piece

13 “Rick & Morty Beaker

Features Ice Catcher Rick & Morty partners in crime Well themed bong that  deserves to be in any collection Diffused

18 “Big Mom Glass Bong

Beaker Ice catcher Flat Base for good stability Carved & frosted design Color blue, wieght 1155 Gm Thick borosilicate glass

6 ” Glass Dab Rig

Honey comb Thick Glass 14mm Male Banger Flat Base for good stability Smoke armory value of the month Color Accents

7 ” Glass Water Pipe

Twisting Ball Shower Quality Glass Perfect for on the go sessions Weight 215gm Circular design Smoke Armory deal of the

7 ” Rick Ceramic Glass Pipe

Rick  Collector Item Quality  Glass Perfect for the go sessions A piece guaranteed to stand out Colorful design

7 ” Silicone Bong

Cool design Round cake feature Side tube Flat base Height 7 Inches

8 ” Glass Dab Rig

Five Head Shower Quality glass Color white , weight 248 Gm Color accents on mouth & base 14mm male banger

8″ Smoking Glass Water Pipe

7 rim Shower color Heavy base & Mouth color Quartz Banger Weight 270 gram Beautiful rig


Space Themed Bong By Hemper It stands at a convenient size of 7″ which is ideal for those who love

Hemper Crystal Ball Rig

After taking a few bowl packs from the crystal ball rig, we have a feeling that you will be getting