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10 ” Famous Brandz Dab Rig

Sit back and use Appetite for Destruction, a 10” hexagon base dab rig, with a sidecar mouthpiece and funky body.

15″ Smoking Water Pipe

Fancy Coil M9 Inline shower Fabulous craftsmanship Borosilicate glass Flat base for stability

16″ Smoking Water Pipe Chill Glass

Fancy coil M9 Inline with triple perk Single honey comb Weight 1162GRm Color Blue Truly a unique

6 ” Glass Dab Rig

Honey comb Thick Glass 14mm Male Banger Flat Base for good stability Smoke armory value of the month Color Accents

6″ Hipster Glass Water Pipe

Wide Body Banger Hanger with slitted  percs Hipster branded glass Stament piece

8 ” Glass Water Dab Rig

Quality Glass Flat base for stability 14mm Male banger Shower Cylinder

8″ Smoking Glass Water Pipe

7 rim Shower color Heavy base & Mouth color Quartz Banger Weight 270 gram Beautiful rig

8” DabzPadz Dab Mats

8” DabzPadz Dab Mats Buy 8” DabzPadz Dab Mats All pieces are carefully selected by the Smoke Armory team to

Dab Padz Mats 10’X16 Assorted Designs

Dab Padz Mats 10’X16 Assorted Designs Dab Padz Mats Size 10 X 16 Assorted Designs Perfect addition to any collection

Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer

Consistency is key and the Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer is one of the most advanced digital infrared thermometers available for consistently heating your

Happy Kit

Description • The Very Happy Kit Dab edition • Now you can take your Dab to the next level! •

Hemper Blastoff Rocket Water Pipe

Features • Hemper water pipe • 7.5″ • 3.5″ “Rocket Blast” Base • Showerhead Percolator • Stacks bubbles and smoke