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14″ Big Mom Glass Bong

Frosted Glass tube & Bottom Color blue, weight 975 Gm Thick borosilicate glass Flat Base for Stability Beaker Ice Catcher

14” Lizard Beaker Water Pipe

Description • 14″ Glass water pipe • Beaker shaped • Lizard and flower design • Ice catcher

18 “Big Mom Glass Bong

Beaker Ice catcher Flat Base for good stability Carved & frosted design Color blue, wieght 1155 Gm Thick borosilicate glass

6″ Hipster Glass Water Pipe

Wide Body Banger Hanger with slitted  percs Hipster branded glass Stament piece

7 ” Rick Ceramic Glass Pipe

Rick  Collector Item Quality  Glass Perfect for the go sessions A piece guaranteed to stand out Colorful design

Lookah Double Volume Water Pipe W/ Multi Percs 1ct

Description • Lookah glass water pipe • Features an 11-armed sprinkler perc & multi-chamber design • As a statement piece,