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We kicked off the cooler months in a special way with our custom designed HEMPER Apple bong! This fixed downstem,

Hemper Chronic Bong

Hemper Chronic Bong Get ready to have your mind blown! Experience the smoothest and highest quality of smoke with the

Hemper Cosmic Bong

Hemper Cosmic Bong Hemper Cosmic Bong stands at a convenient size of 7″ which is ideal for those who love

Hemper Flower Vase Bong

Hemper Flower Vase Bong Take your smoking experience to the next level with Hemper Flower Vase Bong! With its unique

Hemper Ghost Rig 6.5″

The Hemper Ghost Rig is not your basic rig since it features a multi-slit fission diffuser percolator. PLUS, how many

Hemper Whistler Rig clear

Description • Hemper water pipe • Smoky colored accents on the base and mouthpiece • Features a fixed downstream &