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10 ” Famous Brandz Dab Rig

Sit back and use Appetite for Destruction, a 10” hexagon base dab rig, with a sidecar mouthpiece and funky body.

10 ” Zombie Glass Bong

Zombie branded Thick Glass Beaker Color Black , weight 481gm Ice catcher Included Flat Base for good stability

10″ Glass Bong

Shower Design Tube Colorful & Konikal bowl Color  sky blue, weight 378 Gm Thick Glass Beautiful Craftsmanship Signature Piece

10” Luminous Beaker Water Pipe

Description • 10″ Glass water pipe • Bright green glow int he dark design on handle and base • Features:

12 ” Smoking Water Pipe

Heavy Shank Shower Color Light Blue , Weight 620gm Thick Glass Flat Base for good stability Gold fish design Truly

12″ Glass Water Pipe

Straight with eight arm Color Black, Weight 597 GM Flat Base for Stability Thick Glass Easy use and storage Ice

14″ Big Mom Glass Bong

Frosted Glass tube & Bottom Color blue, weight 975 Gm Thick borosilicate glass Flat Base for Stability Beaker Ice Catcher

14” Lizard Beaker Water Pipe

Description • 14″ Glass water pipe • Beaker shaped • Lizard and flower design • Ice catcher

15″ Smoking Water Pipe

Fancy Coil M9 Inline shower Fabulous craftsmanship Borosilicate glass Flat base for stability

16″ Smoking Water Pipe Chill Glass

Fancy coil M9 Inline with triple perk Single honey comb Weight 1162GRm Color Blue Truly a unique

16″ Water Pipe Chill Glass

Wide mouth Mid glass coil Multi Arm perc Recycler perc inline Color Yellow, weight 969gm Beautiful  Glass Level up your